Many Ways To Use Our Products

by Sean on February 8, 2012

One of the most common questions we are asked is “How do we use your products?” To this we say “Where can’t you use our products?” Our oils are versatile and flavorful, our Hemp and Flax Seeds are great for snacks and garnishes and our Hemp Powders can be added to fortify and texturize your favorite smoothie.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your culinary crusades for new flavors, or keep you going on your path to achieve your health and wellness goals.

As a bread dip – Mix a splash or two of balsamic Vinegar with our Hemp Seed Oil and enjoy with your favorite bread.

As a garnish – Drizzle Flax or Hemp seed oil over soups, stews and pasta sauces.

In smoothies – Mix two or three table spoons of Hemp or Flax Seed Oil and /or Hemp or Flax meal in with your smoothies.

Over popcorn – Seriously, after you’ve tried our Hemp Seed Oil with a little Salt and pepper over popcorn, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. It will make plain old butter seem a bit…well… boring. Try it with a little nutritional yeast for a savory non-dairy cheesy flavor.

Sautéing and baking – Replace butter with Canola Seed Oil for baking or sauteing. You’ll love the light flavor it adds to your baked goods and cooked veggies.

Check our web site every now and again for new and exciting recipes!

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